Ukulele 202

Ukulele 202

Dear Friends,

I've been hard at work building the Uke 202 course many of you have been asking for! After teaching Ukulele 101 for over 5 years, I've gathered a great deal of insight from past students.

To date, I have 24 lessons ready.

If you are aspiring to become an intermediate-to-advanced player, here are the outcomes you can expect from this course:

  1. Learn the scales (with the scale cage method).
  2. Learn the fretboard and movable chords (a combination of drills and and handwritten exercises) (aka chord inversions).
  3. Use your knowledge of the scales to play the melody and voicing of songs (and finger picking).
  4. Learn to improv (jam over blues tracks and instrumentals).

These are the same reasons I still play today after 10+ years.

Beyond that, there is a basic level of music theory I will cover, which satisfies an analytical itch many students have, and may help you unlock the key to uke mastery. You are welcome to skip any tutorials and each one stands alone. It will give you a greater appreciation for why the scales and learning the fretboard are so valuable. I also provide worksheets you can download and print to follow along.

As a bonus: You will be enrolled in my private song-a-week email for an entire year. A new song in your inbox every week for a year that you can play-along with. Here's a sample. Giving you a new song to learn each week (some you probably have never heard) is an enjoyable way to learn new chords & adopt new styles.

Ready to see a sneak peak? Click Here

One of the things I've heard from students is that all the free lessons on YouTube only get them so far - they don't know what they don't know and they don't know what to search for. If there is a good tutorial available on YouTube that fits with the lesson, I will adopt it. It's really about providing students with a clear roadmap on what to learn when, so they feel they are progressing.

For example, it's a lot easier to learn melodies from tablature AFTER you learn the scales... and playing scales is all about repetition and muscle memory. Beyond that, providing songs to play with injects fun into the learning process.

Uke 202 will expand your skills and challenge your ability. We will dive into melody, finger picking, reading tablature, scales, chord inversions, and songwriting techniques. Ukulele 101 is not a pre-requisite, but this class assumes you are not a beginner.

It's entirely online and self-paced. I'll give you some tools to help you block out time, and I'd recommend you take out your calendar and schedule dates when you plan to review the lessons... just as if you had signed up to attend them in person.


This online format allows you to review each lesson as many time as needed at the your own pace.

Here are some samples of what you'll learn:

One Step Up

Tennessee Waltz

Sample Lesson

After you enroll, you'll get access to over a dozen lessons you can watch immediately, and I will be scheduling several 'live' zoom (you will also get access to those recordings).

If you have any problems, find an error or need assistance with the website, you can contact me anytime.

I look forward to teaching you everything I know!

Uke 'on and be well,