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Brian's workshop was informative, fun, and well-tailored to the beginning ukulele player. He took time to answer each question thoroughly and used helpful props to illustrate lessons. His workbook alone is well worth the price. ~ Amy S.

I've been teaching ukulele since 2015. My next in person class is currently TBD as I take break from teaching. You can always purchase my 8-week workbook on Amazon since includes onlines lessons you can start anytime. I also offer a Ukulele 202 online course (start anytime).

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When you buy the workbook you also get access to my 8-week online course designed to give you the confidence to play with others. You will 'learn by playing' and be playing your first song before you know it!

By the end of the 8 weeks, you will have learned over 20 songs and start a life-long journey of music. The workbook you receive is the same I use in my in person classes and has been used continually (and improved upon) since 2015 (thanks to the input of hundreds of students)!

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Listen while you learn

This site extends teaching beyond the finite space and time of the physical classroom. You can access all the lessons anytime you want, as often as you need to.

Each song is presented with chords, lyrics, and the music itself to play along with. It's follows the 'Learn by Playing' methodology.

8 Week Workbook

An 8-week course that has been revised 7x based on teaching nearly 500 students.

If you are interested in receiving my new songs via email, please sign up. I welcome song requests and/or areas you want to improve on. If I can't teach it myself, I'll find someone who can!

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