Online Ukulele Lessons

Note: this is a sample page. When you signup, you'll give your own unique URL that will contain all the lessons.

Each week, I'll add a link to a new lesson on your page and also send you an email.

Here's a couple of sample lessons:

After you sign up each week, you'll receive a lesson that provides 30-60 minutes of practice (or longer depending on your ability). You'll usually learn 2 or more new songs, and the difficulty increases gradually (starting with simple songs, moving to intermediate level). In addition to learning more than 20 songs, you'll learn about the circle of fifths, reading/playing melody, and scales.

At any time, if you have questions, you can post a comment on the your page or email me directly at If you run into any website issues, you can call me at 805-225-1251.

My goal is to educate, inspire, and entertain you. If there's a specific song you want to learn, just let me know.

Purchase the 8 week course here and your first lesson will be sent within 24 hours.

Welcome aboard!

Uke 'on,

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