The Circle Of Fifths

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Use the Circle to know which chords go well together in any specific Key. Want your own circle to print out? Download one here.

Take the key of G Major for example - locate the G on the outer wheel. The Circle tells you that any chord that touches that G box will work "well" in a song in the key of G, i.e. C, D and Em.

Here's a slick tool that uses the circle of 5ths to come up with nice chord progressions:

The 7th chord fits too!

Try playing a 7th chord for the chord directly clockwise of the key your in. For example, a song in key of C, throw in a G7. It sounds good too! A song in the key of F, throw in a C7.

Ready to go further?

Want to dive deeper?

The Circle of 5ths and Movable Chords

You can play the chords anywhere on the neck. The chord you are playing is determined by the root note:

  1. 7565
  2. 555x
  3. 5433
  4. 5333
  5. 7555
  6. x765