Welcome Inspire Students!

Dear Parent,

I welcome all students of Inspire Charter Schools and accept Enrichment Certificates in exchange for access to my lessons delivered online.

8 weeks of lessons on UkuleleSongbook.com

Your child will receive one lesson each week delivered via email (with a link to a pre-made online lesson) for ten weeks. A custom page will be setup for them to access their lessons anytime. The fee for 8 weeks of online lessons is $60 (fee includes a 100-page coil-bound workbook I'll mail you at signup).

Sample Lesson

Specify the month on which you wish to start your subscription in the amount of $60 on your certificate. Upon receipt of the Enrichment Certificate, your email address will be activated and you'll begin receiving your weekly lessons. Please allow 48 hours after receipt of the certificate for your first lesson. My address and email are below. Make the Enrichment Certificate for Ukulele 101. Here's a screenshot.

Enrollment includes a 100-page workbook to guide your child through the lessons each week at no additional charge.

About the Instructor

I began teaching ukulele in early 2017 at San Luis Obispo Classical Academy and Cuesta College in San Luis Obispo. The feedback I received from over 200 students thus far has helped me produce a curriculum that is both fun and challenging.

If you have any questions or problems, don't hesitate to call me at 805-225-1251 (PDT).

Thank you,

Brian Schwartz 630 Quintana Rd., #116 Morro Bay, CA. 93442 brian@ukulelesongbook.com 805-225-1251