Ukulele Fridays at SLOCA

SLOCA - San Luis Obispo Classical Academy

Flex your child's creativity muscle through music. The ukulele is one of the best instruments to start with as it accommodates smaller hands and easy to hold chords. In a learn-by-playing model, Mr. Schwartz, will teach a new song each week. Beginning with simple two chord songs and progressing to more difficult songs to stretch each students' ability to learn new chords and strumming patterns. Printed song sheets will be provided, and students will be given access to a webpage where they can play-along with the original tunes.

New for 2018, Ukulele Friday includes a workbook with 8 weeks of lessons. Students will advance to a new level every 2 weeks. Level 1 is basic chords and play-along. Level 2 will introduce the circle of 5ths, chord inversions, and common chord sequences. Level 3 will build off levels 1 & 2 and introduces songwriting techniques (chords and melodies). Level 4 will introduce the student to scales, riffs and melodies. Each lesson contains a link to an online companion page w/video instructions.

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